Maths (current version 3.6)

At a Glance…The CAMI Maths Program

An unrivalled maths system

  • Fastest maths software available on the market
  • Progress results are seen typically within 2-3 months
  • Problems are automatically marked and the learner’s progress monitored
  • A complete maths system which creates thousands of exercises with varying levels of difficulty
  • Concept based program creates flexibility for different curricula  

The CAMI maths software covers mathematics taught from a pre-school level right up into senior high school. Its speed and adaptability are two strengths that have continued to drive stronger results for our students.

Through its simple interface, students can speedily work through problems. Hints and speed notes are embedded in each section to ensure a student is never far from receiving additional help when required. This focus on retention, rather than forcing the student to sit through a lesson, is the ideal approach for computer software education.

As the program caters for a range of curricula through its concept approach, students can work from any level to bridge knowledge gaps or work ahead. Our tutors are adept at providing tailored courses that best suit your child’s learning needs.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use menu structure
  • A menu that outlines curriculum strands incorporating the main areas of study
  • An autopilot feature, which moves students through difficulty strands based on their performance
  • Unique help feature which provides a solution for all questions
  • Students can resume exercises when returning to their course from the previous session
  • Students can work within the menu structure or follow tailored courses
  • Thousands of stored questions randomly chosen to vary each learning session
  • Courses can be set to mirror what is being taught as well as target areas needing improvement
  • Preset courses deal with particular concepts based on each year level
  • Assessment facility that functions as a test on any topic
  • Speed notes to explain concepts when necessary and provide worked examples
  • Automatic marking (can be disabled)
  • Search menu to ensure students can locate topics relevant to their school work and revision needs
  • Over 2000 mathematical concepts, each generating thousands of exercises


"The courses were more challenging this time and the kids and I loved them and were able to learn more about angles in maths. We also enjoyed the reading tasks and the grammar exercises that followed. The Perceptual program was also very appealing. The kids work on that when they need a break from maths and English. Thank you for the support you provide." ~ Randy