Reader (current version 8.4)

At a Glance…The CAMI Reader Program

An acclaimed reading and language system

  • Level-defined reading pieces with beginner to advanced reading techniques
  • Covers grammar, vocabulary, reading, comprehension, spelling and writing skills
  • Designed around a sophisticated open text editor that can change any text into a reading piece, whether it be from a newspaper article or a text from another subject
  • A comprehensive phonics section with verbal instructions

Reading and comprehension is the foundation to all areas of intellectual learning. To this end, CAMI provides an in-depth English software program that strengthens a student’s reading speed, comprehension, as well as improving their grammar, vocabulary, writing and spelling skills.

It is a relevant for students aged four and up, covering basic phoneme and pronunciation development right up to engaging critically with complex texts. Similarly to the maths software there are speed notes embedded throughout that explain concepts such as the parts of speech if your child needs assistance.

The CAMI English software builds up an excellent knowledge base that enhances a student’s ability to communicate effectively. This is incredibly important in supporting a successful life in all areas of learning and development.


  • Reading and comprehension stories suitable for early primary to senior high school
  • Story tasks include a range of comprehension questions as well as anagrams, flash reading, word recognition, spelling and eye scanning training
  • Coverage of grammar including parts of speech and word derivation
  • Extensive spelling lists with the customisability to add your own
  • A range of vocabulary building exercises
  • Creative writing section to spark the imagination
  • Comprehensive phonic exercises with auditory instructions
  • Open text editor, allowing any text to be input and studied
  • Fun games and quiz challenges to test knowledge
  • Individual student settings to further tailor to your needs


“Talia has moved up to higher classes at school, CAMI is really helping her. – Lonie, 21/04//2011”