Admin & Reporting

To help you manage your family on the CAMI program and send reports, we have a user friendly and comprehensive administration and reporting system.

With the administration software you can effortlessly manage your children’s work on CAMI. It also equips you with vital information on their progress and is the place to go when sending reports.

It is with this tool that you can create and edit student security and login details such as their password, age, grade, name and gender. Another useful tool is our back-up feature, which allows student profile data to be transferred between computers.

One of the great strengths of CAMI is that the software tracks and marks all work done by each student on the programs. Combine this with our easy report generation process and you are only a few clicks away from sending us their work.

You can generate a report of all the work done by each student for the month – or for a time period of your choosing. Once this is done, you are ready to email the report to the CAMI Tutoring and Support Centre. We will then give feedback on your children’s progress with further guidelines and courses tailored to their needs to the email address you provide.


“Talia has moved up to higher classes at school, CAMI is really helping her. – Lonie, 21/04//2011”