Wednesday, 08 June 2011 12:12

Congratulations to our CAMI Star Students for May

CAMI Star Student awards have been sent to a selection of students who excelled themselves in their CAMI studies during the month of May.


Congratulations to Luke, Natalie, Jessie and Aayush for excellence with their studies.


Luke received a reward for his perseverance across all exercises. Jessie, worked exceptionally well on the Reader program and Aayush achieved excellent results for his maths course. Natalie received a reward for hard work and dedication to improving her skills. The awards for these students will be posted to them this week. Fifty students were nominated by the tutors for a Star Student award for May. 


“We are very pleased to present these awards to our students. We would also like to acknowledge the hard work that many other students put into their CAMI exercises this month. Keep it up!” Steve Blick, General Manager of the CAMI Tutoring and Support Centre said.


Each month, CAMI tutors select students who have performed exceptionally well in a range of areas on their CAMI work. Awards are given for diligence and improvements in maths and English as well various outstanding achievements for particular tasks.


“June has only just started and the tutors are eagerly looking to nominate plenty more students for a CAMI Star Student award,” Blick said.

At the start of each month students can check the news section on the CAMI website or the Facebook page to find out the results. 


“Joshua's Grade 2 Year End Report was fantastic in both Maths and Reading - Thank You Cami. – Desiree, 16/12/2010”