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Getting into the Groove – Back to School Tips

After weeks of holidays it can be a real challenge getting the kids ready to return school and motivated to get back into their study routines. Heading back to school is time of transition: new classes, new teachers, new schedules, new homework loads, and maybe even a new school. With a year of learning experiences ahead, it’s important that students start the new school year refreshed, relaxed, and motivated.

With these back to school tips from some of our fabulous tutors, you can make the process of easing back into school and finding a balance between CAMI and school homework much more enjoyable and hassle free!

Get Organised - Imran

Study steadily and consistently and have a plan! Set up a study routine or schedule, create a study planner, set goals, write to-do lists and construct a study space to maximise learning. It’s good to have some kind of structure of how you want to get things done. A flexible and realistic plan keeps you focused and optimistic and can reduce anxiety. These organisational tactics will help make study a habit, will teach time management, prioritisation, and study skills, and will help keep students on track.

Ditch the Term Homework! - Wendy

Use the term study instead and develop a study timetable (not a homework timetable) and stick to it. Study time is about studying, regardless of whether your child has homework from CAMI or School. If they don’t have set tasks, they should use this time for self guided study and revision.

Ask for Help - Mark

Call our tutor centre if your kids are stuck on a difficult homework question, they can speak to one of our friendly English or maths tutors who can help with both school and CAMI work.

Plan AheadMilica

Start the school year with a poster planner. Hang it up where you are reminded of it daily, i.e. the bedroom. You can also make a copy of it in a public area where it is open for everyone to see. In your planner, put down all daily activities (e.g. sport, TV, games, chores, rest) including time set aside for homework. Often an excellent time to do your homework is first thing in the morning.

Keep Active - Tammy

Finding an after-school hobby or sport your child enjoys will give them something to look forward to. Creative activities and sports will give your child a break from the classroom. Staying active by walking, riding bikes and playing sport, as well as having a healthy balanced diet, will help your kids have more energy, focus, increase learning and take in more information at school.

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