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Tutor Profile - Issue 1 - Tammy

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Tammy 1

Our tutors are educational professionals dedicated to providing our students with the very best support in order to help them achieve their academic goals. In this edition we profile Tammy, who is one of our English tutors...

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I grew up in Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast and I moved to Sydney to attend teachers college after my HSC. I now live on the Central Coast with my two gorgeous sons.

What is your experience as a tutor?

I have a Diploma in Teaching. I worked as a classroom teacher in both the public and Catholic school system for 6 years. I have also worked as a tutor in my local area for the past 8 years and I have been a tutor here at CAMI for 9 months... Read more...

What do you like best about CAMI?

I enjoy helping students over the phone and getting to know them. The staff are also a fabulous bunch of people.

What school did you go to?

Port Macquarie Primary School

What did you like most about school when you were there?

I liked making new friends and learning from inspiring teachers. I also enjoyed being a part of the end of year musicals.

What is your most memorable holiday moment?

Watching the Fairy penguins at Phillip Island coming out of the ocean and trying to find their burrows. Very cute and very funny!

What is your top tip for students in the New Year?

To forget what is past and treat the New Year as a fresh start

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“The kids got their end of year report cards last week and the great thing is both of them can see the improvements in Maths and English and had big smiles on their faces. Aaron’s teacher commented to him that in her 6 years teaching at his school she has only ever given one A and Aaron got that for his Maths. Suffice to say he is very proud. – Chris, 15/12/2010”