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Written by  Kimberley Pounder
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Ever wanted to know more about your CAMI tutors? In this edition of the CAMI Express we profile a valuable member of our team and get to know a bit more about them!


Tutor Profile

Our tutors are educational professionals dedicated to providing our students with the very best support to achieve their academic goals.

In this issue we profile Asha who is a Maths and English tutor.

What made you take up teaching?

I had been working as a Policy Officer in the Public Service when my children were young. I saw that some teachers in their primary school were not comfortable with teaching many of the concepts in Maths and Science. I decided that instead of complaining about it I would take action. I completed a postgraduate degree in Primary Teaching from the University of Canberra. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and tutoring especially when I get the “Aha” moments from students who had previously not understood a concept.

Does being a CAMI tutor give you the same feeling?

Absolutely! When looking through students’ reports I am very pleased when I see a student has made the effort to persist in order to build their confidence on a topic. Often a student has rung for tutor support and I have explained the concept that they are having trouble with and they say “Now I get it!” It is very satisfying.

What are your other interests?

I am very interested in Celtic prehistory and culture and I have started to learn Irish Gaelic. It has the most interesting phonics and for someone who is used to the English rules of pronunciation I am finding this a real challenge. If anyone has trouble spelling or pronouncing ‘ough’ words they can thank the Celtic origins of these words.

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"Hey guys, I am loving all the things you set for me to do and I feel they are really helping with my school tasks. A very big thank you to all... Once again I can’t thank you enough, I love being a part of CAMI." Samantha – 01/05/2011