Since its beginning in 1984, CAMI has pioneered the development of computer aided instruction technology for maths, English and perceptual learning. From humble beginnings in a small after-hours mathematics tutoring centre, CAMI has spread across the globe helping millions of learners.

In 1979 the personal computer made its debut and by 1983 a number of maths programs were available for use. It was at this time that Sarie and Charl Vorster set up an after-school education centre to specialise in computer aided maths tuition.

They quickly realised though that the programs available were not sufficient as they were too slow and ineffective for a productive learning environment. Thus Charl introduced a new style of programming termed CAI- Computer Aided Instruction, where the computer is used as a practicing device. This was the catalyst for the birth of CAMI.

Since then CAMI has grown and embraced changes in technology to become much more than a piece of software to practice mathematics. It also covers English and perceptual learning software. These three programs have been constantly refined for over two decades by educators and developers as well as through client feedback to ensure it remains the leading educational software product in the market.

Our product is simple to use and can be fit easily into your child’s learning routine. What does this mean for the millions of students using CAMI worldwide? Their learning skills and abilities are enhanced, which gives them a thirst for knowledge and a desire for a more fulfilling life.


“Mia’s report from school was very pleasing, comments were highly commended for her big improvement throughout the year, we do believe that CAMI has helped her with that. – Gary, 04/02/2011”