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Written by  Kimberley Pounder
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Sing along while you learn this spelling rule! After you watch it you can practice spelling with double vowels (vowel digraphs) in the spelling rules in the Vowel Digraphs subheading in the “Spelling’ part of the Reader Program.

Do you sometimes need to see how something is done? Here is a visual explanation of substitution in Algebra. You can then practice your skills in CAMI. The exercises are in 4.6.5 and 4.6.6 in the Maths Program.

Congruent shapes can be very tricky, especially when you are doing a test. Here is a tip to help you get it right.

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“The kids got their end of year report cards last week and the great thing is both of them can see the improvements in Maths and English and had big smiles on their faces. Aaron’s teacher commented to him that in her 6 years teaching at his school she has only ever given one A and Aaron got that for his Maths. Suffice to say he is very proud. – Chris, 15/12/2010”