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In each newsletter we provide you with tips on using CAMI to help make your life plain-sailing, at least when it comes to using our software! In this edition we provide advice for multiple-computer households and the best way for them to approach working on CAMI as well as sending in their reports. So to ensure that you’re on smooth waters, read more…



To make CAMI even easier to use for your children and more convenient for you, we highly recommend that each child uses one computer to do the work set for them by their tutors.

Sending your reports becomes a straightforward process as you know exactly where each child’s work is stored so any worries that something has been missed out are alleviated.

Progress is easily resumed as they will always be going back to the same place in a course instead of to a new computer where none of their work is available as it is saved elsewhere. This is especially important for the Maths courses or when a child needs to complete any remaining exercises in a Reader story.

Additionally this will encourage a dedicated work space for children, a sense of ownership over where they do their CAMI work and therefore more responsibility and independence when it comes to approaching CAMI sessions!

If one of your children’s computers have crashed or needs repair, please don’t put CAMI work on hold, do go and use another available computer on which CAMI is installed. In this event please ensure that all work is saved for them.

To simplify matters further, when sending your monthly report using the EduSuite Reports program, select ‘all programs’, for ‘all students’, including all exercises from ‘the last month’. This will also ensure you are covered for when multiple computers are used by a child.

If you need any support at all with this kind of issue please don’t hesitate to call us!

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"The courses were more challenging this time and the kids and I loved them and were able to learn more about angles in maths. We also enjoyed the reading tasks and the grammar exercises that followed. The Perceptual program was also very appealing. The kids work on that when they need a break from maths and English. Thank you for the support you provide." ~ Randy