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Too Cool for School

Written by  Kimberley Pounder
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Here are the names of fictitious book titles and authors. Read the book title and author’s name to see how they are related. Can you make up a similar funny book title and author?

“To Right the Wrong” by E. Raser (Eraser)

“The Arctic Ocean” by I.C. Waters (Icy Waters)

“Crime Does Not Pay” by Lauren Orda (Law and Order)

Did You Know?

One quarter of the bones in your body are in your feet!


Things We Think Are Awesome


The children at Ambleside C.E. Primary School in the UK create their own Maths online games during their Numeracy Hour. Here are some of the programs made by the pupils either individually or as a group.


Your Number's up! -This is a four player game (5 if someone is in charge of the mouse). Made completely by Callum, Jennifer, James, Alex, Pieran (and play tested by Jonathan)!


THE TABLE TREES - Practise your tables with this great activity designed by Tarn and Alex in Year 4.


THE TOTALLY MENTAL MACHINE - challenging mental arithmetic "real world" problems! - Thanks to the children who invented the questions and defined the random number ranges to create just the right amount of challenge!

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"Hey guys, I am loving all the things you set for me to do and I feel they are really helping with my school tasks. A very big thank you to all... Once again I can’t thank you enough, I love being a part of CAMI." Samantha – 01/05/2011