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Staff Profile – Ellen

Written by  Kimberley Pounder
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The CAMI Express has a different type of staff member to profile in this edition. Ellen is our technical expert who plays a major role in supporting our families with their CAMI Educational software. Read on to find out how she came to work at CAMI and some of her unique experiences in between! Read more…

So, Ellen, tell us a little about yourself…

Well, I am a qualified primary school teacher and have taught in schools across Australia in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland as I very much enjoy travelling. My initial training was in New South Wales where I qualified with a Bachelors Degree in Primary Education. My teaching experience spanned over 8 years.


That’s a lot of different places! Which was your favourite?

I loved my time spent in WA. My school was in Albany which is at the most southerly point of Australia. It has beautiful scenery and I actually learned to ride a motorbike on the sand dunes during my stay there!


Brilliant! So, what has led you up to you working here at CAMI?

After teaching for a number of years I decided that I wanted to try something different for a while. My husband was a DJ at this point and I decided that I would give that a go! I was always going to the discos with him and shouting out the next record to be played!


I rarely ever do one thing at once, so while DJing, I also went to University during the day and completed 3 of 5 years of Chartered Accountancy (part-time). At the same time I had children and there was a point where I realised enough was enough, I had too much on!


I did love DJing, it was so fun! However, it wasn’t something I was going to do permanently as I missed teaching; it was a job I had wanted since I was a young child so I couldn’t leave it behind forever. I even kept up private tutoring because I love teaching so much!


My children were growing up and so I looked for a job that involved education. When I saw the advert for CAMI installations I instantly applied, it was a perfect solution!


After 6-7 years of installing programs for families I wanted more company and an office environment, so I came here to Head Office. I worked on various projects and ended up in the technical expert position, all my years in installation were a great help.


That is certainly an interesting series of events. Now, you are here at Head Office how are you enjoying your role?

It’s great because there is always a new challenge every day, a new person on the phone, a new family who need some extra training on the program! It really suits my nature, as I feel that I am inclined towards teaching and so helping people learn to use the software to get the best results gives me great satisfaction. I see the role as more of a customer support one rather than technical expert.


Thank you, Ellen, for giving us a little of your history and telling us how you came to be working at CAMI today, we don’t know what we would do without you! Ok, so lastly, we would like to hear a story from your DJing days!

Ok, well! There was a day where I was DJing for a famous footy team (who will not be named!) It was on a beach and afterwards I was trying to find a way out with my van full of DJ equipment… I was having great difficulties until I spotted an opening… Unfortunately, I didn’t realise that this opening lead to a set of stairs! I drove my van all the way down and at the bottom everyone cheered! Oops!

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"The courses were more challenging this time and the kids and I loved them and were able to learn more about angles in maths. We also enjoyed the reading tasks and the grammar exercises that followed. The Perceptual program was also very appealing. The kids work on that when they need a break from maths and English. Thank you for the support you provide." ~ Randy