Perceptual Skills Builder (current version 5.1)

At a Glance…The CAMI Perceptual Program

The complete foundation building system

  • Ideal tool to ensure school readiness
  • Enhances intellectual development
  • The only single comprehensive system that addresses all perceptual areas such as colour, shape, spatial orientation and associative        skills
  • Focuses on whole-brain development
  • Fun and easy to use

The CAMI perceptual software was developed to cater for the lack of perceptual building programs in the market. It is the only program that comprehensively covers essential cognitive development in early aged children, which provides the foundation for continued learning.

The perceptual software is ideally used by children aged between three to seven years old. However, it has also been used by children and adults with learning and attention difficulties in helping them strengthen their cognitive abilities. In some cases, hospital therapists have used the perceptual software to aid with the rehabilitation process of brain damaged patients.

The broad variety of exercises covers all eight areas of perception: colour, shape, spatial orientation, associative skills, comparative skills, mental retention, auditory skills and numeracy. There are sound, text and voice assistants to assist when necessary. With this focus on whole-brain development, learning becomes more integrated and structured.

Key features:

  • Associative skills
  • Language development
  • Auditory perception
  • Motor skills
  • Sequencing
  • Spatial orientation
  • Memory retention
  • Numeracy and quantity
  • Body awareness


“The kids got their end of year report cards last week and the great thing is both of them can see the improvements in Maths and English and had big smiles on their faces. Aaron’s teacher commented to him that in her 6 years teaching at his school she has only ever given one A and Aaron got that for his Maths. Suffice to say he is very proud. – Chris, 15/12/2010”