Product Overview

The CAMI software is geared towards creating a flexible knowledge base in students. With this in mind, we have focused on the crucial areas of mathematics, English and perceptual skills in the development of our product.

Our mathematics software is an unrivalled system being the fastest software available on the market. It has thousands of exercises varying in difficulty, which creates flexibility in learning for students.

The perceptual skills program is the complete foundation building system that focuses on whole-brain development. It addresses all perceptual areas and is the ideal tool to ensure school readiness.

The English component is an acclaimed reading and language system that covers grammar, vocabulary, spelling, writing as well as reading and comprehension. By focusing on these areas, students are equipped to apply more advanced analytical skills in senior years.

Ultimately, success with CAMI drives the confidence of learners, which enhances their productivity and intelligence. It does this with an emphasis on knowledge retention and fast results in all three programs.


“Talia has moved up to higher classes at school, CAMI is really helping her. – Lonie, 21/04//2011”