CAMI in Homes

In school and home, time is a precious resource, so it is important to find ways to make the most of the time you have. At school, your child won’t always get the ideal amount of time to practise taught concepts, and at home, there are a range of other pressing matters to deal with.

This is why when it comes to developing the CAMI software we keep your concerns in mind and always ask the following:

“Will it produce excellent, long lasting results? Will it do so quickly?”

By shifting the focus to drill and practice, with teaching support given where necessary, your child’s time can be spent on reinforcing taught concepts. What’s more, with CAMI at home, you are equipped to take a more hands on role with your child’s education.

With CAMI at home, your child can do the following:

-    Revise topics taught at school for further retention
-    Flexibly incorporate a homework schedule in the comfort of home
-    Bridge knowledge gaps or work ahead with comprehensive speed notes and hints
-    Contact the Tutor Support Line if any questions or problems occur
-    Be given instant feedback by the computer that highlights problem areas
-    Develop confidence with the mastery of knowledge
-    Sharpen time management skills

At the end of the day, we want CAMI to be fun and easy to use that will make your child feel like a winner.

CAMI in Schools

Empowering teachers with the tools to enhance the learning process is a critical priority. To this end, CAMI is designed to be used efficiently within time pressured environments. Its strength lies in its focus on the retention of information taught in the classroom.

We also appreciate that educators require flexibility with their support tools, which is why CAMI is a concept driven program that can be easily adapted to a range of curricula. It can also be used to assist teachers with the following: 

-    Lesson preparation
-    Remedial teaching
-    Automatic marking
-    Support material – printable explanatory notes, exercises, games
-    Instant feedback
-    Comprehensive progress reports
-    Classroom layout – monitor screen flashes red when a student is struggling

Whether it is used as an assessment tool or to support a school maths competition, CAMI is a potent resource that helps teachers build up the knowledge base of students through stronger results. A better learning experience gives students the confidence to achieve their goals.

Since its beginning in 1984, CAMI has pioneered the development of computer aided instruction technology for maths, English and perceptual learning. From humble beginnings in a small after-hours mathematics tutoring centre, CAMI has spread across the globe helping millions of learners.

In 1979 the personal computer made its debut and by 1983 a number of maths programs were available for use. It was at this time that Sarie and Charl Vorster set up an after-school education centre to specialise in computer aided maths tuition.

They quickly realised though that the programs available were not sufficient as they were too slow and ineffective for a productive learning environment. Thus Charl introduced a new style of programming termed CAI- Computer Aided Instruction, where the computer is used as a practicing device. This was the catalyst for the birth of CAMI.

Since then CAMI has grown and embraced changes in technology to become much more than a piece of software to practice mathematics. It also covers English and perceptual learning software. These three programs have been constantly refined for over two decades by educators and developers as well as through client feedback to ensure it remains the leading educational software product in the market.

Our product is simple to use and can be fit easily into your child’s learning routine. What does this mean for the millions of students using CAMI worldwide? Their learning skills and abilities are enhanced, which gives them a thirst for knowledge and a desire for a more fulfilling life.

What is CAMI?

CAMI stands for ‘Computer Aided Mathematics Instruction’. Developed in 1984, CAMI is designed for value, speed and ease of use. Essentially it is a high productivity software system capable of boosting a user’s performance and academic results in the shortest time possible.

Today, the CAMI product suite caters for English, mathematics and perceptual learning.  A very useful strength of CAMI is that it is a concept based program, meaning it can be adapted to suit many different curricula. It can also be used to help bridge student knowledge gaps as well as catering for students who love working ahead.

Efficiency is where CAMI shines. Its focus on knowledge retention gives a student more time to practise taught concepts. Explanatory notes and hints are also included to aid the student, where necessary, while working through the exercises.  With this focus on retention, a learner can work through a significantly larger workload in shorter time periods and still produce better results.

Our Tutor Support Team

The CAMI Tutoring Support Team consists of professional educators with a deep understanding of the CAMI software and how it can be adapted to suit your child’s academic needs.

We only employ the best available professionals, so primarily, our tutors are qualified teachers specialising in English and mathematics.

When you send your child’s progress report, a tutor will analyse the results and provide feedback and further guidelines. By following our recommendations, your child will be working on the most suitable areas of the program relating to their academic strengths and areas needing growth.

Our tutor line is also available for parents and students to use for enquiries about work on the program as well as relevant school homework and assignments. We also have technical support specialists available to assist you if necessary.


"CAMI is helping Rachael she recently got 83% on her maths exam which is an improvement of about 40%." ~ Julie