Friday, 13 July 2012 16:32


CAMI Worldwide is proud to support CanTeen, a fantastic organisation which provides support to young people living with cancer. If you would like to learn more about CanTeen and the important work they do please visit their website or click here for a list of their 2012 fundraising events.

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Friday, 18 November 2011 15:09

CAMI Worldwide now on Twitter!


Here at CAMI we are currently in the process of developing a vibrant online community and we have just taken another step forward to becoming more fun and interactive. CAMI now has a Twitter account to help our students and their families stay up to date with the latest CAMI developments!

Why not follow us and get tweets about what is happening around the tutoring centre, educational news updates, and even get notified when program updates become available! Not to mention we have links to helpful websites, lots of fun facts, competitions and more! You can even download Twitter to your smart phone and have CAMI in your pocket!

And if you have not ‘Liked’ us already, why not check out our Facebook page? We have articles, maths tricks, trivia, study tips, games and much, much more available for your perusal. Our pages are updated on a weekly basis, and have something for everyone! Connect with us now and share us with your friends!




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Thursday, 21 July 2011 11:55

CAMI Star Student Awards for June

Congratulations to all our students in June who achieved great results with their CAMI work and received Star Student awards!

Each month tutors at the CAMI Tutoring and Support Centre nominate students to be candidates for the CAMI Star Student awards.

Asha Murphy, the tutor overseeing the development of the award system said, “We will continue to develop the award system to ensure more students who are trying their best get the recognition they deserve.”

Lily made a great improvement in her performance index for addition and subtractions of decimals of up to three places. Robert did more than 100 questions per exercise and achieved over 90 per cent for his report! Amazing!

Safwan made a huge improvement in matching pictures with numbers up to 9 as well as diligently following instructions. Arshi made excellent progress in understanding adverbs and nouns as well as diligence in following instructions and repeating exercises.

Rachael made excellent progress in all her areas of study on the CAMI program and Chantel achieved a strong performance index for her 12x12 tables achieving over 90 per cent in her latest report.

Corey and Richard both received awards for repetition and perseverance across all their exercises on the CAMI program.

Each CAMI Star Student will be posted an award which they can put in a prominent location. Students are still being nominated for July and we look forward to posting their results. Keep up the good effort.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2011 11:27

Schools may be Gaming Tests

A recent report by the Council of Australian Governments Reform Council shows Victoria is meeting student literacy and numeracy benchmarks. However, the Council's chairman, Paul McClintock is concerned that low participation rates are skewering the results. 

You can see the full article below.

One way to boost your child's results and enthusiasm is time spent on CAMI, as the software is easy, fun and works in improving your child's numeracy and literacy skills.

Give the CAMI Tutoring and Support Centre a call to discuss how we can equip your child for greater success.

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"Hey guys, I am loving all the things you set for me to do and I feel they are really helping with my school tasks. A very big thank you to all... Once again I can’t thank you enough, I love being a part of CAMI." Samantha – 01/05/2011