According to the Director of the University of Queensland's Parenting and Family Support Centre, Professor Matt Sanders, you can start encouraging your children to learn (and enjoy it!) very early in their lives.

On the subject of homework, experience would suggest it pays off. "There's controversy about whether homework actually promotes learning and achievement," Professor Sanders says, "but it's interesting - you'll often find in cultures where there is a lot of homework being done and kids do plenty of study, that these kids are often achieving at fairly high levels of academic accomplishment."

The perseverance required for homework may help kids develop other important skills. "Sometimes, some of the hardest lessons in life are that some of the most important things are not simple and straightforward and you do need to be prepared to put in a bit of extra effort and time in order to master something," says Professor Sanders.

He recommends that parents help with their children's homework, but never take over.

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Thursday, 21 July 2011 11:55

CAMI Star Student Awards for June

Congratulations to all our students in June who achieved great results with their CAMI work and received Star Student awards!

Each month tutors at the CAMI Tutoring and Support Centre nominate students to be candidates for the CAMI Star Student awards.

Asha Murphy, the tutor overseeing the development of the award system said, “We will continue to develop the award system to ensure more students who are trying their best get the recognition they deserve.”

Lily made a great improvement in her performance index for addition and subtractions of decimals of up to three places. Robert did more than 100 questions per exercise and achieved over 90 per cent for his report! Amazing!

Safwan made a huge improvement in matching pictures with numbers up to 9 as well as diligently following instructions. Arshi made excellent progress in understanding adverbs and nouns as well as diligence in following instructions and repeating exercises.

Rachael made excellent progress in all her areas of study on the CAMI program and Chantel achieved a strong performance index for her 12x12 tables achieving over 90 per cent in her latest report.

Corey and Richard both received awards for repetition and perseverance across all their exercises on the CAMI program.

Each CAMI Star Student will be posted an award which they can put in a prominent location. Students are still being nominated for July and we look forward to posting their results. Keep up the good effort.

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Wednesday, 04 May 2011 17:31

CAMI Star Student awards launched

Students who perform well on the CAMI program will now be eligible to receive a CAMI Star Student award in recognition of their efforts.

The awards will be given to selected students on a monthly basis for a range of achievements. They will cover simple accomplishments such as following instructions through to an outstanding achievement in a particular exercise.

Steve Blick, General Manager, CAMI Tutoring and Support Centre said, “Recognition of an achievement is very important for the learning process. We want to build up the confidence of our students in many ways and the awards system is one way to do that.”

There will be awards for progress in maths and English, as well as certificates awarding the effort a student has put in generally.

“Every student who submits a report receives positive feedback that is constructive from our tutors. The awards will be that extra layer of recognition for those students who really apply themselves,” Blick said.

The first set of awards will be sent out at the end of May so get cracking!
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"Thanks very much for the update on the kids' work. Anneliese is loving it. She asks to work on CAMI all the time. My niece has moved in recently. She is in Year 7 and is enjoying CAMI as well…" ~ Jodie