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Learn Maths English Tutor
“ I love talking to a student and hearing from them how they took our advice in writing an essay, creative writing piece or making an in-class speech and as a result received positive feedback from their teacher or just felt more confident than they would have previously. The joy and appreciation conveyed by them or their parents really makes our job worthwhile.  It’s also satisfying to read for ourselves a teacher’s comments after they’ve read a student’s essay and given them a high mark! ”


Happy Mum
“ I highly recommend Learn Maths. My children are very smart and actually doing well at school but I want them to excel even further. The program is great, the learning work can match or be above their individual grade level and the Tutors are amazing. I'm extremely happy to say they are  completely professional, patient and always willing to help. I would completely recommend this system to anyone needing extra support whether children are struggling or excelling as they can help in all situations for all different levels. I couldn't be happier, there are definitely no regrets and a huge thank you to all the wonderful Tutors for their great efforts ”


Empowered Student
“ I found algebra really hard so mum and dad got me Learn Maths. The Tutors explain everything and now its easier. In my last algebra test, I came top of the class. Now they’re helping me with my trigonometry and spelling ”

Irfan Shaikh

Learn Maths, Technical Support Engineer
“ Being in charge of Developing, installing, fixing and activating the software means we’re often the first to hear how keen students and their parents are to get started on it and develop a routine. I really enjoy having the opportunity to encourage them in that and to pass on a few motivating words while their software is being installed or just chat about how enthusiastic they are to use the programs again and really see some solid improvements. After that it’s over to the tutors to help them achieve their goals! ”


Learn Maths, Maths Tutor
“ For me, the most rewarding part of the job is when I come across a student I’ve spoken to or e-mailed previously and see first-hand how much they’ve improved. Maths is all about mastering concepts then building on them, so for me the satisfaction lies in being able to observe how a student who I helped grasp their times tables is now tackling equivalent fractions, or who once struggled with basic algebra but is now solving worded problems. It’s amazing how the confidence they acquire from something like that shows even in the way they communicate on the telephone or by e-mail. ”


Learn Maths, Tutor Manager
“ I find the most enjoyable part of managing the Tutor Centre lies in speaking to parents about how the improvements their children have made using our software, how they are much more confident and happier as a result, and even small things like feeling more comfortable putting their hand up in class or not making obvious efforts to avoid starting their homework in the afternoon. There are of course the more significant one-off achievements too, such as when we’re thanked for helping a student achieve a spot in a selective school or the marks needed to be accepted into a Gifted and Talented Program. It’s wonderful to hear how the hard work put in by students on our software, and the effort by the tutors in helping them, can have such an amazing impact on their lives. ”


“ Every child should have the opportunity to get a good education.  This is why I’m so passionate about offering services that can make a difference. Knowledge is the key – it leads to better decision making in later life. I’ve seen a lot of education programs and tutoring services on the market, but I’m proud to say the solutions Learn Maths offer are the ones I love introducing families to. Every child could do with some help – every parent needs some Education support also. We have the perfect fit, and when we see the children’s faces light up during our onscreen training sessions there is nothing better! It is fantastic to be a part of the tuition industry ”

“The difference between those who want to change the world and those who don’t, is those who believe they can, do all they can” Anonymous


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